Selvedge on Your Wrist Looks Goooood

DubStraps Selvedge NATO watch strap

DubStraps Selvedge NATO

The NATO nylon strap is becoming a pretty important accessory that makes a watch more stylish and versatile than it ever wished to be. Nowadays they’re being mass produced in a different array of cool colors and combinations, but one maker takes it up to another level of cool.

First though, what is a NATO watch strap? Made out of woven nylon, the straps are based on watch straps that were issued to the British military. They were made as a cheap and durable alternative for the military to use. NATO straps are made of one strip on nylon and a few buckles. The strap simply slides through your watch’s spring bars and secures to your wrist like any other strap. Comes on easy, comes off easy. They are all-weather, thin, and functional. You can see these straps being used by divers and the like. So they’re functional and get the job done, but from the fashion standpoint, they definitely add a pizzazz to an otherwise boring watch… or even an outfit.

NATO straps can be found in tons of different colors and color combinations. Most straps you will find have that “skunk stripe” running down the band. One company though created a strap that should click with the younger demographic. The guys at have created a strap inspired by selvedge denim. That’s right, like the selvedge line you see on cuffed expensive jeans. The straps are still nylon and not actual selvedge denim, but they look pretty damn amazing, and it’s only $15. Nice. I picked one up and slapped it on my Seiko 5. The colors really pop and looks nice on the black display. It would probably look even better on a white or blue display. also offers a black selvedge version, along with a few other patterns on their straps. You can also choose from three sizes (18mm, 20mm, and 22mm). They’ve been having their rounds on all kinds of fashion blogs and everyone seems to like them. Definitely give their straps a look if you want to liven up your watch.

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