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tenkei's Miss Right Now: Rola


Lately I’ve been captivated by a young, up and coming model. She appears on TV pretty regularly, and I love when I happen to catch a show she’s on. She’s cute and funny and I just enjoy watching her. It’s been a while, but I finally have a new Miss Right Now. Rola da yo~!

Rola began her modeling career in 2008 while still attending high school. She was discovered in Shibuya outside an OIOI store while shopping with her friend. Immediately, Rola was published on the pages Popteen. In April of 2008, she was featured in ViVi and by the spring of next year she was contracted as an exclusive model for the magazine. She has also appeared in various other fashion magazines such as SCORE AM, Sweet, ネイルup!, and ar. Soon after debuting as a fashion model, Rola began appearing on television as a talent on various variety and panel shows, currently serving as a regular on サンデージャポン. In addition to modeling, Rola is currently a spokeswoman for Samantha Thavasa handbags, PEACH JOHN, and Clastyle Nail Salon, as well as formerly representing Subaru, Big Echo karaoke boxes and Denny’s restaurants.

Okay, that’s out of the way. I had to do a lot of translating for that little paragraph. Anyway, onto the important stuff. Rola is freakin’ cute, man. Usually I dislike the over the top, attention grabbing, mugging for the camera style that Rola employs (I’m looking at you, Momocchi). But, for some reason, I love how Rola presents herself. Yes she’s playing a character. Yes she’s being overly cute and saccharin. Yes it’s somewhat cloying. But I really can’t get enough of her. She’s cute and quirky and fun and damn gorgeous. Rola has a very characteristic way of speaking, very colloquial and casual, a stark contrast to the normally reserved and polite speech of most Japanese. Her distinctive manner of talking is usually a big part of the humor and draw of Rola, as well as a point for other talents and comedians to poke at. Along with her speech patterns she also has very characteristic hand gestures and mannerisms that add to her character. For some reason I just love how Rola portrays herself, cute, slightly airheaded, just kind of…lol.

If you couldn’t tell from first glance, Rola is of mixed descent. Her mother is Japanese and Russian and her father is Bengali, resulting in an exotic and unique look (is that racist?). Something about Rola’s skin tone with her piercing hazel eyes and blonde died hair is very striking and really works for me. She has model’s physique, tall (for Japan) and slender, not a lot of curves—in fact quite angular. I usually prefer more meat on my girls, but again Rola pulls it off and I find it very sexy.

So, there you have it. A little short, but it’s kind of hard to write about someone who doesn’t really do much. Rola is adorable, sexy, funny, yes; but I don’t make illusions about her level of talent. She’s on TV because she’s cute and a space cadet. She’s funny, but she’s not a comedienne, she’s funny because of the way she acts, the way she talks, the way she’s over the top. I’m sure she’ll soon try her hand at music, which is probably ill advised, but we can cross the bridge when we come to it.


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Rola and Akashiya Sanma

A montage of Rola on the catwalk



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