My Ears! (Both Good and Bad?)

Short Thoughts, Vol. 5

148 centimetres WHAT

Sunday bloody Sunday… Well it’s not bloody, just short; Short Thoughts that is. Jump on in and see what kind of crap I’ve got for you this week.

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People
This is a really great song. It’s poppy and experimental, but altogether catchy as hell. It takes you a few listens before you realize what the lyrics are actually talking about. But all the same, you’ll be whistling this to yourself.
Rating: Dark and dancy

The Hunger Games Teaser Trailer
Tonight on MTV’s annual VMAs, they debuted the official teaser trailer for The Hunger Games. I’m a huge fan and have been extremely excited for the movie. The teaser was pretty much… a tease. There was some decent footage of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss running and shooting her bow, but nothing really substantial. At the end you can hear Rue’s four-note whistle, which was cool. Still extremely excited and can’t wait for a full trailer now.
Rating: Short and sweet

Marvin’s Room by Drake
For glory. I really like Drake to begin with, but one thing I’ve liked about his music is that it comes with a lot of emotion—and for once it isn’t anger. He has a lot of vulnerability and remorse in his raps and signing, and it’s actually pretty brave for a rapper to do something like that. This song is simple and raw and wonderful.
Rating: Straightforward and stripped down

Blooper Reels
I love blooper reels, I think they’re possibly the best thing about DVD sets/releases. I think every comedy should have bloopers rolling during the credits, like Rush Hour, cus everyone loves to watch people mess up.
Rating: Hilarious and necessary

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart is one of my favorite comedians right now. He’s been steadily on the rise for the past few years and I’ve enjoyed all of his recent stand-up specials. I really enjoy his delivery and just think he’s extremely funny. Check out his last stand-up special ‘Seriously Funny’ as well as his stand-up movie out later this year ‘Laugh at My Pain’.
Rating: Short and seriously funny

What in the blue hell is this crap? Sweet fancy Moses…
Rating: Horrible and ungodly

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  1. daigong says:

    GENIUS! Takamina makes Kreayshawn worth the scroll down

  2. Rei-chan says:

    Needs moar Chiyoooo!!! XD

    I love blooper reels too~ <3

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