Carbonation and Foot Wear

Short Thoughts, Vol. 4

Last one of chiyo. New short thougts mascot next week.

It’s Sunday once again, and you know what that means. Short Thoughts! So as Kriss Kross once said, JUMP! JUMP!

Diet Dr. Pepper
This shit is delicious. Like the commercials say, it really doesn’t taste like a diet soda. While I don’t mind the taste of most diet sodas, I can say that this one is truly tasty.
Rating: Bubbly and refreshing

Beat Hazard
I haven’t played this game in a while and just started again. So addicting and fun. If you love trippy visuals and old school shooter games like Asteroids or Galaga, freakin’ play this man. It’s powered by your music and shit!
Rating: Fun and time consuming

Recently saw Itou on an episode on Mechaike and this fool is hilarious. I’ve seen him around before, but haven’t seen him lately. Quite possibly one of the funniest acts in Japan, if you see ESPER Itou is a guest on a variety show, I guarantee you won’t regret watching it.
Rating: Amusing and amazing

People really enjoy shoes, me not so much. I really like my shoes simple: all white or all black. The only way I would buy the crazy flashy sneakers that are popular today is if I made a lot of money so that I could start a huge collection. Otherwise I’ll just stick with my all whites/blacks so I can just wear them with everything.
Rating: White and black

Karmin is a musical duo from Boston made of Amy on guitar and vocals and Nick on piano, percussion, and the occaissional backing vocals. These two are pretty popular on youtube for covering very popular songs and giving them a great twist, but also produce great original tunes. They also have a penchant for rap, and Miss Amy can spit bars with the best of them.
Rating: Interesting and unique


Karmin’s official youtube channel for covers
Karmin’s official youtube channel for originals

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    Kriss Kross and shoes in the same post? You done read my mind.

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