Auditory Addiction and Acidic Butts!

Short Thoughts, Vol. 3

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It’s Sunday, baby! That means it’s time to hear (read?) what tenkei thinks about random crap. Short Thoughts after the jump!

Passpo☆’s Take Off! Album
I’m only not doing a full review on this cus it came out like 8 months ago. Anyway, great Idol pop album. Their music is more girl band than Idol pop, in my opinion, so it’s a nice change of pace from some of the other Idol music out there.
Rating: Idoly and rocky

Marvel vs. Capcom 3
I played MvC3 when it first came out, but only casually for an hour or so at a game café. I’ve had a little more time with it now that a couple of my friends have picked it up for themselves. It’s about as fast paced as MvC2, without all the shitty glitches and whackness that made me hate that incarnation. Some interesting character choices as well. I enjoy it.
Rating: Addictive and fun

SKE48’s Tsumiki no Jikan
HOLY CRAP. This song is ear crack, man. It appears on their latest single, PALEO wa EMERALD. The song is just really catchy, it has a heavy oldschool H!P vibe, but at the same time that right amount of aki-P. It’s baller.
Rating: Tsunkurific and aki-Plicious

Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo: Chipotle
I went to buy mayonnaise once and instead bought this cus I love chipotle flavor. It was good at first, but after a while I got tired of it. I think it’s good to have as a choice, every once in a while, but after eating this on every sandwich for the past 3 months I’m just burned out on it.
Rating: Tasty and a nice option

Redbull is disgusting. It tastes like pineapple ass. It is my very least favorite energy drink. Seriously.
Rating: Crappy and gross

Brooke Burke
Oh sweet fancy Moses. Brooke Burke is still amazingly hot. I used to have a larger than life-size poster of her on my closet door. She’s doing commercials now for Sketcher’s Shape-Ups, but holy crap she’s still so hot.
Rating: Hot and hotter

Top Chef
Top Chef is my absolute favorite thing on television today. I can watch that show all day, even though I’ve seen every episode at least 5 times. When they marathon all the seasons in prep for a new one, I watch it all. Holy crap I love this show.
Rating: Awesome and YEAH!


Purchase Passpo☆’s Take Off! album here
SKE48’s Tsumiki no Jikan
Top Chef airs on Bravo! 

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